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This is a series of pieces done for the National Insitutes of Health Library in Bethesda, Maryland.

The work was commissioned by Gary Ridley of Smarteam Communications through Polina Pinchevsky of Nana Design in Takoma Park MD.

The Library wanted to evoke the history and scope of activities of the NIH generally while promoting their services to the researchers and staff of the NIH and the public.

For the pieces I used documentary material, made available by the Libraries, for the imagery. Everything in the pieces is authentic.

The subjects of the pieces are:

To Respond - Evokes the history of the NIH and its evolution into a globe-spanning institution employing the latest technology.

To Discover - Shows Nobel prize winners from the NIH to highlight the countless discoveries it has fostered.

To Collaborate - Depicts the worldwide scope of research being done under the auspices of the NIH.

To Renew - Concerns the renewal of human and physical resources through grants, scolarships and public funding.

To Cure - Looks to the ongoing activities of NIH and to its future.

All artwork ©J.W.Stewart 1980-2010