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Never Pure - installation views
An exhibition of recent and retrospective works by J.W.Stewart and Mark Garland
Stewart Hall Art Gallery, Pointe-Claire, Quebec December 5, 2010 to January 23, 2011

J.W.Stewart hired Mark Garland to work as his assitant in 1988.
Mark worked for him for 13 years. He began showing his own work during this period.
This show reunites the two artists and friends in a show of works from the period
when they worked togther and also of recent works.

Never Pure view-1

1. Gallery general view with 'Ancestor' 1992, J.W.Stewart

Never Pure view-2

2. Left: 'Aoidos' 1999, on stand: 'Inmate' 1989, center: 'Red Palm' 2004, right: 'Paraclete #16' 2006 - all J.W.Stewart

Never Pure view-3

3. Left: J.W.Stewart, 'Spray Above Enceladus' 2010, on stand, foreground: 'Model' 1986.

Never Pure view-5

4. Left: 'Mutiny On The Dirigible' 2010, center left: 'Where Will He Scratch?' 2010, center right: 'A Candidate For Fossilization' 2010 - all Mark Garland

Never Pure view-6

5. Left: 'Volontaire #2' 1992, right: 'Bohemian Under' 2006 - both J.W.Stewart.

Never Pure view-7

6. Left: 'Strange Mechanisms Of Defense' 2010, center: 'An Impulse to Shove' 2010, right: 'A Host Of Active Enemies' 2010 - all Mark Garland.

Never Pure view-8

7. Gallery, general view.

Never Pure view-9

8. Left: 'Paraclete #16' 2006, center: 'Paraclete #13' 1995, right: Paraclete #14, 1997 - all J.W.Stewart.

Never Pure view-10

9. 'Mutiny On The Dirigible' 2010, Mark Garland

Never Pure view-11

10. Gallery general view.

Never Pure view-12

11. 'Transfusion' 2007, Mark Garland.

Never Pure view-13

12. Left: 'Mexicali Devil' Mark Garland, right: Bull 1990, J.W.Stewart
On brick wall, left:
'Quantum Football' 2010, right: 'The Odd Results Of Inner Conflict' 2010 - both Mark Garland

13. General view